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COFINANCE – Investment profile and origin
A partner for complex property investments
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In 1973, Jean-Claude Pick founded his first real estate company in France, and in 1981 opened Cofinance Inc. in the USA, resulting in the international Cofinance Group. For over 40 years and through multiple market cycles, Cofinance Group has successfully completed numerous investments and currently manages a EUR 500 million real estate portfolio.

Cofinance Group SA, a Luxembourg company, is today a global entrepreneurial platform that seizes real estate opportunities with high added value. Cofinance defines investment strategies and implements creative and innovative solutions to maximize return on investment. Through its subsidiaries, Cofinance SAS in France and Cofinance Inc. in the USA, the Group develops and manages diversified properties (retail, offices, hotels, residential).

Cofinance Group SA has developed special partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic with institutional and private investors and banks, but also with key people in the real estate business, including contractors, architects, hotel operators, etc.