Les Cures Marines

France | French | Residential
PROJECT Acquisition in the context of an 80-year leasehold of the Hotel des Cures Marines in Trouville-sur-Mer. This building, a historical monument abandoned since 1999, underwent extensive renovation work that resulted in the delivery of a 5-star hotel/spa operated under the MGallery brand. The COFINANCE group owns the building and the business of this hotel. [...]

Cité Toulouse Lautrec

France | French | Residential
PROJECT Acquisition of a 120-meter lot containing several residential buildings and the Théâtre des 2 Ânes. COFINANCE plans to renovate all the common areas of this property to create a new private street in Paris: the Cité Toulouse Lautrec. Cité Toulouse Lautrec (Montmartre) Paris (18ème) The property was acquired in 2014 Surface de 6000 m2 [...]

Leroy Merlin

French | Retail
PROJECT Acquisition of the retail property, initially leased to LECLERC, with a view to renovating it to accommodate the brand LEROY MERLIN. Discussions are ongoing for a complete redevelopment of the site to build a new retail park of 13,000 m2. Leroy Merlin Laval (Mayenne) Acquisition of a commercial complex in 2004 10785 sf in surface area Project worth €20 [...]

Passage Louis Philippe

French | Office
PROJECT Acquisition in several stages of all the condominium lots of a building located near the Place de la Bastille in Paris. COFINANCE is now the sole owner of the property. A major renovation of this property was completed in 2004 with the creation of a beautiful central atrium. Passage Louis Philippe Paris (11 ème) [...]

31 Place de la Madeleine

French | Non classé
PROJECT Acquisition in the late 1980s of the pizzeria business which operated the commercial floors of this building. Negotiations with the landlord to get permission to restore the entire building and convert the residential lots into office space. Today, this building is the Paris headquarters of COFINANCE group. La Madeleine Paris (8ème) The business was [...]
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Rue Christophe Colomb

French | Residential
Rue Christophe Colomb Paris (8e) PROJECT This property was acquired in the late 1980s for a total renovation and creation of a car park. Extensive renovation Acquisition of an office building in the heart of the business district.


Acquisition d’un supermarché, de sa galerie commerciale et d’une boîte commerciale à Marmande (Lot et Garonne), loués essentiellement à Carrefour Market (85%).  Cette opération, effectuée via le rachat et le restructuring du SPV -significativement amorti- portant l’actif, vise à accompagner le locataire principal dans un projet ambitieux de rénovation l’actif et de renforcement de l’attractivité [...]